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Hello World!

Welcome to my mini-blogosphere! This isn’t just one blog but rather one in a series of closely related blogs that I like to collectively refer to as the FitBrain blogs. While each of the blogs in the series (see blog list below) has a very specific purpose, each blog is also an integral component of a larger body of work. But Instead of posting as my initial post an overview of what these blogs are all about, I will rather let my purpose and intent behind each of these blogs come out naturally over the next several posts. For now, let me just convey …

  • These blogs are about filtering out all of the noise, waking up and finally using the greatest power you will ever harness – the power of what you already know and have probably known for a long time.
  • These blogs are about turning the merely possible into the virtually guaranteed.
  • These blogs are about challenging (with a bullwhip!) the unspoken adage seemingly accepted by millions in this country as an inescapable fact – that getting older also means getting fatter.
  • These blogs are about coming back from the brink … and coming back big!
  • And finally, these blogs will center around a success story that has yet to happen … yet its outcome will ultimately be predetermined long in advance.

Through these blogs, it is my sincere intention to dramatically change my life for the better, as well as my sincere hope for the opportunity to touch the lives of others, possibly helping others through my example to predetermine their own success stories.

I want to end my initial post with one final point … possibly the most important point within this entire post, regarding my personal quest as well as my desire to help out others in the process – I am not motivated to do any of it!

Please check out the companion blogs in the FitBrain series:







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